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Minibus Hire Reading

When you come to Minibus Hire Reading looking for group travel packages, we keep our promises. We have affordable minibus with driver packages to suit your corporate or casual travel in the city. We make your itinerary anywhere in Mortimer, Pangbourne and Shiplake memorable. We have excelled in the group travel sector by providing the latest 8-18 seat minibuses. We don't play around with your comfort and luxury needs. Instead, we make your tour an enriching experience.

Highly trained & seasoned drivers

Our luxurious fleet is backed by the expertise of highly trained, seasoned and DBS checked chauffeurs. These drivers will go the extra mile to ensure that your one day or extended trip in Bradfield, Silchester or Hurst ends successfully. We don't hire any driver we find. We vet prospective candidates rigorously to ensure you have a proven driver at all times. We guarantee your safety on the go, and your belongings will be intact.

We have the resources and capacity

Minibus Hire Reading is always ready to fulfil the most complicated customer demands. Whether you want a customised 10 seater vehicle, we will deliver. We don't give you senseless excuses, since we have the resources, capacity and the mastery. Call us in an urgent situation in Wargrave or Wokingham, and we will be with you in 30 minutes. We value your time and we will be at the Luton or Gatwick Airports or train terminals before you arrive

Minibus Hire Reading offers the services including but not limited to:

  • Conference and Corporate travel.
  • Sports and concert transport.
  • Educational tours and school transport.
  • Private and contract hire.

Business Transport

If your business delegation has an appointment in Cholsey or Fleet, we provide luxury 8 seat minibuses. We deliver the sophistication needed of a corporate team. We have sleek minibuses that impress other delegations when you arrive at the conference venue. We are well versed with VIP service delivery for corporates, and we offer the same to holiday makers who want to travel like royalty. Our practised chauffeurs know how to handle VIPs.

Tours and road trips

With a large number of 12 seat and 14 seater minibuses, we will make your tour of Reading a success. We have minibuses that are ideal for guided tours. We deliver luxury in our lavish minibuses, and we know all the exciting spots and sites in the city.

Sports/concert travel

The luxurious 10 seat minibus is ideal for a sports team heading for a tournament in and around Goring and Bramley. We want your team to focus on the activity ahead, instead of worrying over driving to the stadium. Our buses are ideal if your group wants to attend a celebrity concert in and around Basingstoke.

Educational/school transport

Exclusive school trips give students the chance to explore and discover. Minibus Hire Reading makes it possible for your students to get to any Streatley or Nettlebed destination safely and comfortably. We offer discounts for schools that hire several 14 or 16 seat minuses at a go.

Private/contract Hire

Our minibus hire offers cater to the need of individuals looking for private long term hire. We know you have unique needs, and we shall customise the 10 seat minibus you want to hire for a month. We guarantee safety, and we install features such as 3point seatbelts, airbags and power control systems.

Satisfaction on the go

If you require satisfaction on the go, Minibus Hire Reading has all the minibuses you want to book. We can provide enough vehicles for your exhibition or political campaigns in Rotherwick or Bracknell. We cater to the maintenance, breakdown and servicing if you hire for a long duration. We cater to all kinds of groups regardless of their size and background. Our drivers are multi-lingual, and you don't have to worry if you are from out of town.

Simplified booking

Booking a single minibus or an entire convoy is simple, you only log in and click. We confirm the same in minutes. Checkout our website if you want an idea of the minibuses and the customer care services we pledge. We hire personnel who are seasoned in the Blewbury and Odiham ground transport industry. We arm them with proper skills to deliver better services day and night. We observe the codes of conduct and VOSA standards. You are always safe with us. Call us.

Areas Covered


You only need to ask around in Reading City to find out which company provides the best minibus hire services. You can even look into the other minibus hire companies and make your own comparisons. The answer will be the same: when it comes to quality of service, no one does it better than Minibus Hire Reading. We are 100% dedicated to serving all our clients, anticipating their needs before they even arise and addressing whatever problems they may encounter while engaging our services. It is this dedication that has made them say nothing but good things about us, cementing our status even as more and more cheap minibus hire companies are appearing left and right.

Everything we do is aimed at providing customer satisfaction and comfort for each and every single client during the trip. See, that is what our competitors don't get. They are under the impression that the whole point of being in the business of providing minibus hire services is getting the client from point A to point B. They think that having a minibus with a driver is all there is to it. Minibus Hire Reading, however, does not stop there. While we do bring you from one point to another, we do it with the utmost care and professionalism so that you will arrive there safe, sound, comfortable and in high spirits.

We are also known for our high standards of maintenance and quality in each Reading minibus that we offer for hire. Since you are entrusting us with your safety, the least we could do is to ensure that, not only will you have a smooth ride while in any of our vehicles, but your physical and emotional well-being will also be taken care of. To this end, we only hire the best and the brightest engineers and technicians to make sure that all our minibuses are in top condition before they hit the road. For this group of highly-trained and skilled individuals, no automotive problem is unfixable.

There is a certain stigma attached to services or products that are being offered for low prices. While it is true that we offer cheap minibus hire in Reading, our services are anything but poor or low quality. On the contrary, our company offers a wide variety of services for the discerning client with exacting specifications. This is in recognition of the fact that not all clients are the same, that they have different tastes, preferences, needs and expectations, and that we are intent to meet all of those, no matter how diverse they are.

Foreigners and other clients who are new in Reading often prefer a minibus with a driver because they don't really know their way around the city. Rest assured that we have stringent standards in hiring the drivers for our minibuses. We only hire locals or natives of Reading since they are the ones who know the city like the back of their hands. While emphasis is put on their technical skills and qualifications when it comes to driving, we conduct background checks to see to it that they are trustworthy, dependable and have no criminal records.

If you are fairly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the City and you prefer our self-drive minibus hire service, you are, of course, free to do so. There are groups who prefer not to have a stranger among them hence this option is ideal for them. They would even take turns driving the minibus throughout the trip. Naturally, there is a downside to this option because the driver will most likely not enjoy the trip as much as the others.

If you belong in a very large group that would require you to hire more than one or two minibuses and you find this a bit problematic, we have another option for you. Instead of hiring several minibuses and breaking up your group, you could avail of our coach hire services instead. Still in keeping with our commitment to provide cheap minibus hire in Reading, this option will give you the best value for your money. This is especially applicable for groups who will be visiting Reading for their team-building trips or educational field trips. You will find out more about this service by giving us a call or contacting us with your inquiries.

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